Moe Day Celebration

Oct 09, 2015

Moe Day…? Is that a real thing?


Moe Day – 萌の日 (moe no hi) is a play on the Japanese characters for October 10th.

October = 十月
10th (day of the month) = 十日

When written traditionally, from right to left (top to bottom), October 10th looks like this:


This very closely resembles the Japanese kanji (moe)!

To celebrate Moe Day select registrars have decided to show some love to .moe by offering special deals throughout October. Check out some of the registrars below:

Participating Registrars
・BR Domain, Inc. d.b.a. namegear
・Gonbei Domain

* The promotional period and pricing is up to each individual registrar

Check out this awesome video by!
“Getting to Know .MOE”


Official Theme Song


Listen to the Moe Domain Official theme song once and you’ll be humming it all day long!


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