When should I Apply for my .moe? (Landrush vs General Availability)

Jul 04, 2014

Help! I don’t understand all the options for registering a .moe domain. What is the difference between Landrush and General Availability?

This is a question we hear quite often, and rightfully so as registrars around the world are struggling to keep up with the 100s of New Top-Level domains becoming available. We hope the information below helps.

First let’s look each registration period:

The Landrush Period [2014/6/17 (15:00 UTC) – 2014/7/18 (15:00 UTC)] is a pre-launch period in which early adopters can apply for .moe domain names. We will accept applications for domain names throughout this period. If there are multiple applications for a domain name then an auction will take place and the highest bidder will be awarded the domain name at the end of the period. If you are the only applicant for a name, you’ll be awarded the domain name shortly after 7/18. We’ve just uploaded the Auction FAQ.)

The General Availability Period starts on 2014/7/22 at 02:00 UTC. This period is open to all on a first come first serve basis. Registrations will be done in real-time after the start of the period and names will be allocated immediately.

Why Should I Apply in the Landrush Period?

If you feel your name is going to be popular. For example, let’s say you are after “otakuclub.moe” and you think others might go after it as well. You can apply in Landrush through one of our registrars, and if you are the only applicant then you’ll be awarded the name. Names purchased in Landursh will renew at the normal yearly cost (same as General Availability pricing). If someone else applies for the same name, you’ll be placed in an auction where the highest bidder wins. If you have applied for a really popular name then the auction may last a few days. If at any time the auction hits a amount that you are not willing to pay, you can simply back out and you will not be charged. (Note: we do not charge application fees to our registrars and will not charge them if a name is not allocated. Most of the registrars we work with will refund your Landrush Registration Fee if the name is not allocated for you but we recommend you check with the registrar to fully understand their policies.)

Here are our most popular registrars participating in Landrush:

I’ve Decided to Wait for General Availability (Go Live) Can I Submit My Request Early?

Yes, and please do! We recommend finding a registrar that will take pre-registrations for the General Availability period. By putting in your registration request in advance you can essentially get yourself in front of the line for the General Availability Release.

Let’s say both you and Customer B both want “otakuclub.moe.” If you submit your pre-registration today and Customer B waits until 02:00 UTC on July 22nd to try to register the name (and there are no other applications at other registrars) then you will likely be awarded the name because your registrar will flood our system with the registration request the very second we open for business.

If you submit your pre-registration request at Registrar A today, and customer B puts in her registration at the same registrar tomorrow, your submission should hit the registry system first and you’ll be allocated the name. (this how it usually works, but it may vary registrar to registrar so please check with the registrar).

What do we recommend?

The additional cost for Landrush is worth it and basically risk free. If you really want a specific name and you feel you might have some competition this will offer you the best chance to get the name you want.  We expect many popular names will be gone by the time General Availability (Go Live) starts.  Remember, names purchased in Landrush will renew at the regular rate. If you don’t want to put in a Landrush request, then it is definitely worth placing pre-registration request though a participating registrar.

Please feel free to leave comments questions below or get a hold of us though your favorite social channel.


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