.moe Becomes a Permanent Part of the Internet

Apr 01, 2014


We are very proud and excited to announce the beginning of something wonderfully unique; the .moe top-level domain (TLD) has officially been introduced to the root zone of the Internet. This means that soon, everyone will have a chance to own and operate a domain name ending with the .moe extension.

Over the past weeks we’ve put together this simple website to introduce future registrants, registrar partners, and Internet users to our TLD.

We’re looking forward to each and every unique domain under .moe!

Make sure you follow us to get the latest news about .moe.



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Can I ask what this new .moe stands for?
.com = Community
.net = Network
.tv = Television
.org = Organization
.moe = …?


Hi Devui, That’s a great question. We are referring to the Japanese term “萌え” – pronounced “moh-ay”. I’m really over simplifying it here; but basically the term means to have a strong passion for something. Some synonyms would be “mania” or “geek”. Of course, it goes a lot deeper than that.

I’d love some fans help me out here with an explanation: Please give your best definition of .moe below.


Moe is a feeling. If something is moe then it is very appealing and endearing to you, and is likely something you want to protect. For example, your 10-year-old daughter is moe to you now, but you may lose the moe feeling when she goes through her rebellious stage.

Moe makes you smile and feel warm in your chest. It is a very healing emotion.

The current posterchild of moe anime is Non Non Biyori which you can stream for free from Crunchyroll. On the other hand, my personal favorite anime for this is K-On! which you should be able to find in any good video store. If you watch these you should have a grasp on the concept of moe. YMMV.


Couldn’t agree more! Well said!

Moe makes you smile and feel warm in your chest. It is a very healing emotion.




Nigga, that’s kawaii.


Having a website end in .moe is gonna be great, but having an e-mail address that ends in .moe is going to be even greater. Well, maybe not that much greater, but still great.

advanced skin care
2014年4月13日 10:11 AM

Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post.
Thanks for supplying this information.


Great! That’s a good news for the people who love ACG!


Everyone knows the most moe anime is JoJo.

Jobarte Skuld
2014年4月16日 5:31 AM

Amazing, Awesome, kawaii, sugoi, MOE!!!!

I really liked this, is more one tool to diffuse japanese culture over net, I liked this a lot, I’m thinking of projects to diffuse japanese culture here in Brazil.

Omedetou for this project


We know you’ll build something Amazing, Awesome, and Kawaii.


WOW! Awesome!
We can’t wait for the .moe domain! Hope we can get at least one .moe domain we want.


Who is the Sunrise Period reserved for?

Oh also, I don’t know if I’m gonna regret asking this, but how many of you are going for ani.moe ? :D (I know I am, and will be sharing subdomains to anyone interested ^^)


Hi! The Sunrise Period is just for registrants that have a registered trademark. As a Registry, we are required to give trademark owners a chance to reserve their name (exact match to their registered trademark) to help combat cybersquatting and other cybercrimes (phishing, etc.) that may happen when a third party registers the domain instead of the trademark owner).

This means that most users will want to look forward to Landrush to get high quality names. For example, if you believe ani.moe is a great name, chances are someone else does to. If you apply in Landrush, and someone else does too, then you’ll be place in an auction. If you are the only one to try to register the name, it’ll be yours for the Landrush fee charged by the registrar. We’ll post all of these rules well in advance of the Landrush as well as a list of participating domain registrars well in advance.


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