Sunrise Registration Policy


Interlink Co., Ltd., (“Registry”) is committed to ensuring that all rights holders have adequate protections for their intellectual property assets. Therefore, the Registry will provide a 30-day notice and implement, at minimum, a 30-day Sunrise Period. This Policy (“Policy”) defines the registration policies and eligibility requirements for registrations Sunrise Period.

The Sunrise process provides Trademark Holders with the first right to register domain names matching their registered marks in the TLD before the Registry offers registrations to the general public. The overall purpose and goal of the Sunrise Registration Period is to ensure that Trademark Holders secure their brand names in an equitable fashion to strengthen their online presence by making use of a .moe name. The Registry will strictly follow and implement all guidelines set forth by ICANN and the Trademark Clearinghouse (“TMCH”).

During the Sunrise Period, only SMD File holders (or their agents) are allowed to submit Sunrise Application(s). Successful Sunrise Registration(s) will be allocated to trademark holders on a first come, first served basis.

The Trademark Holder is responsible for protecting any labels in which it has an interest. If a Trademark Holder fails to register any domain name during Sunrise, the name will be available to be in Landrush or General Availability, subject to Registry Policies, the TMCH Claims Service, and applicable laws and regulations.

Available Sunrise Registration Periods

Sunrise Period Registrations may be purchased in yearly increments of no less than one (1) year and no more than ten (10) years, commencing on the date on which the Domain Name is registered. Unless otherwise terminated, such registration will expire on the same day of the month the registration was created, unless it was created on February 29, in which case it will expire on March 1.

Sunrise Eligibility

Each Sunrise Applicant (“Applicant”) must meet the qualifications specified by ICANN requirements and detailed in the TMCH Guidelines, as they may change from time to time.

The Applicant must first provide information required by the TMCH to obtain the SMD File as detailed in Sections 2 and 3 of the TMCH Guidelines. The TMCH then will issue an SMD File to verified applicants. The Sunrise Applicant must submit a valid SMD File along with its Sunrise Application. The Registry Operator will perform verification of the SMD File and confirm that the applied for Label is contained in the SMD File. Where verification of the SMD File fails or the applied for Label is not contained in the SMD File, that Application will be rejected by the Registry.

Domain Name Label Requirements

Registry Operator, via Registry Service Provider, will not accept a Sunrise Application unless the applied-for Domain Name meets the applicable requirements as defined in RFC 1035 and RFC 1123, including the following technical and syntax requirements. The Domain Name Label must:

  • if ASCII, consist exclusively of the letters A-Z (case insensitive), the numbers 0-9, and hyphens;
  • if non-ASCII (e.g., IDN), consist of language scripts offered by the Registry (as specified on the Registry Website);
  • not begin or end with a hyphen;
  • not exceed 63 characters;
  • contains at least one character; and
  • not contain hyphens, except where two consecutive hyphens (-) are used in the 3rd and 
4th positions, when preceded by “xn” and followed by a label that corresponds with an IDN containing characters referred to in Subsection (b) above.
Application Process

The following process applies to Sunrise Applications:

SMD Files submitted with Sunrise Applications are validated by Registry Operator, via Neustar, Inc.’s (“Registry Service Provider”) systems. Sunrise Applications missing a valid SMD File or containing an invalid SMD File will be rejected by the Registry Operator, via the Registry Service Provider.

Domain Names will be allocated to the Applicant, after the Sunrise Period ends, for which valid Sunrise Application(s) have been received, that:

  1. meet the Sunrise Registration eligibility criteria described herein; and
  2. were submitted in accordance with Registry Policies, ICANN Requirements, and the Registry-Registrar Agreement.
Sunrise Allocation

Unless otherwise stated in this Policy, the Registry Operator, via the Registry Service Provider, will allocate a Domain Name if:

  • The Domain Name Label meets the requirements set out below;
  • The Domain Name Label and the information contained in the Registrar’s request meet 
the requirements in the Registrar Terms and Conditions;
  • The Domain Name Label is available; and
  • The Registrar is in good standing with the Registry.

Note Regarding SLD Blocked Domains: 

Applications will be accepted for domain names appearing on the SLD block list and are subject to the terms contained in this Sunrise Period policy. For all domains registered that appear on the SLD block list, the domain name(s) will not resolve on the Internet until such time ICANN removes such prohibitions. Should ICANN fail to remove such SLD block list prohibitions, the Registry Operator will notify the sponsoring Registrar(s) and provide a full refund of the registration fee(s) paid.


Fees that may be collected during Sunrise include:

  • Sunrise Domain Registration Fee

The renewal price for domain names registered during Sunrise will be the general registration fee. The Registry may adjust the renewal price with one hundred eighty (180) days’ notice. The registrant may renew the domain at the general registration during the one hundred eighty (180) day notice period. 

Sunrise Applicant Notifications

Notification to Sunrise applicants will be as follows:

  • The Registry will notify Registrars who sponsored a Sunrise Application of applicable Sunrise Registration allocations.
  • The Registry Operator may notify the TMCH of successful Sunrise Applications once the 
corresponding Sunrise Registration has been made.
  • The Registry Operator may also publish all or any portion of a pending Sunrise Application online (e.g., via Whois)
Registry’s Rights

The Registry shall be entitled, but not obligated, to reject a Sunrise Application or to delete, revoke, cancel, suspend or transfer a Sunrise Registration:

  • To enforce Registry policies and ICANN Requirements, each as amended from time to time;
  • That is not accompanied by complete and accurate information, or where required, information is not updated or corrected, as required by ICANN Requirements or Registry policies;
  • To protect the integrity and stability of the operation or management of the Registry;
  • To comply with applicable laws, regulations, policies or any holding, order, or decision by a competent court or administrative authority, or any dispute resolution service 
provider the Registry may retain to oversee the arbitration and mediation of disputes;
  • To establish, assert, or defend the legal rights of the Registry or a third party, or to avoid any actual or potential civil or criminal liability on the part of or damage to the Registry or its affiliates, subsidiaries, contracted parties, officers, directors, representatives, 
employees, contractors, and stockholders;
  • To correct mistakes made by the Registry or any Registrar in connection with a Sunrise 
  • If the Registry receives notice that the SMD File is under dispute; or
  • As otherwise provided in the Registrar terms and conditions or Registry-Registrar 
Policy Last modified: April 03, 2014