Domain Registration Terms and Conditions (Acceptable Use Policy)


Interlink Co., Ltd. (the “Registry) has created this document to set forth the Terms and Condition concerning the registration of a second level domain in the .MOE Top-Level Domain (“TLD”).

Eligibility to Register a Domain Name

The term “moe” (in Japanese: “萌え”; pronounced as “moh-ay”) is a generic term which has broad meaning in Japanese and, in some cases, has meaning in other parts of the world.

The Registry intends to operate a TLD that can be used broadly by individuals, organizations and businesses.  There are no special eligibility restrictions.  

Application for a Domain Name

An Application for a domain name in the TLD must be made through an ICANN Accredited Registrar and is subject to the eligibility requirements of the TLD.

Domain names in the Sunrise and Landrush Phase will be allocated according to the terms outlined in each respective policy.  Names in the General Availability phase will be allocated on a first come, first-served basis.

In addition to the information required by ICANN, the TMCH Sunrise and Claims Operator, and the Registrar, Applicants must supply all necessary information regarding a domain name that may be required by the Registry Operator, as described in these Policies or any other applicable policy of the Registry Operator.

All Applications must specify the period under which the Application is being submitted and contain any such information that is required of that Period as described in this document.  Applications may only be submitted once the period to which the Application relates has commenced.

Successful Applicants must enter into an agreement for the domain name with their Registrar.

Acceptable Domain Names

A domain name that will be accepted as valid for registration is one that:

  1. has not already registered
  2. is not subject to an Application that is being currently processed by the auction provider.
  3. has not been blocked, reserved, or restricted
  4. meets the technical requirements below
Technical Requirements

Names in the .MOE TLD will be registered at the second level in the following format:

  • The string (the portion labeled example above) must contain a minimum of two characters from the letters a-z in the standard US ASCII character set.  Domain names may include the numbers 0 (zero) through 9 (nine) as well as a hyphen. (-).
  • The string may not begin with a hyphen (-)
  • The string may not contain a hyphen in both the 3rd and 4th positions unless it is a valid Internationalized Domain Name (must conform to .MOE IDN Policy)
  • The string may be a maximum of 63 characters in length

* Upper and lowercase characters are treated as identical.

Reserved Names

The Registry, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to reserve certain domain names from registration to be released at a later date as determined by the Registry., Such reserved names include, without limitation, domain names:

  • Reserved for operations and other purposes, including without limitation certain premium names, which the registry may change from time to time;
  • Reserved or restricted to comply with ICANN requirements, including those reserved for certain third parties; or
  • The registry will provide a reserved domain names list upon request to any Accredited Registrar.

The Registry may make use of an auction mechanism to allocate reserved domain names.

Term of Registration

Domain names can be registered for one (1) year to ten (10) years as long as the total number of registration years does not exceed ten (10) years.

Abusive Use and Dispute Resolution

The domain name will not be used for distributing malware, abusively operating botnets, phishing, piracy, trademark or copyright infringement, fraudulent or deceptive practices, counterfeiting or otherwise engaging in activity contrary to applicable law, and providing (consistent with applicable law and any related procedures) consequences for such activities including suspension or deletion of the domain name registration.

Representations and Warranties

Applications for domain names are subject to our policies, and policies, procedures and requirements, as issued by ICANN. 
The Registry Operator’s policy documents can be found on the Registry Operator’s website. Without limiting any other agreement or policy, by submitting an Application for a domain name 
an Applicant will be deemed to have warranted that:

  • it has the authority to make an Application;
  • the information provided is current, complete, and accurate, and that the Applicant agrees 
to correct and update the information to ensure that it remains current, complete, and 
  • any information the Applicant may have provided to the TMCH Sunrise and Claims 
Operator is true and correct; and
  • where the Application relates to a Sunrise Period, to the best of the Applicant’s 
knowledge the requested Label is a Trademark Match to the Validated Mark 
The Applicant and the Registrar understands and acknowledges:
  • that the act of submitting an Application for a domain name in no way guarantees that domain name will be Allocated to the Applicant;
  • where multiple Applications are received for a domain name, that those Applications may be subject to the auction processes as described in this Plan, and agree to the terms of the auction process which will be published prior to any auction period;
  • that the fees in relation to a domain name are separate to any fee paid in relation to the Auction process; and
  • Registry Operator may prevent an Applicant from making an Application and registering or renewing a domain name where that Applicant has been found to be in breach of the Registry policy.

By submitting an Application for a domain name the Applicant and the Registrar agree:

  • to be subject to this Policy and any other Policy issued by Registry Operator, and acknowledge that any domain name may be subject to a dispute resolution process and that the outcome of such process may result in the domain name registration being transferred to another entity, being suspended or cancelled;
  • that the Registry Operator reserves the right to deny any Application, or cancel, lock, place on hold, transfer or delete any domain name that it deems necessary, in its sole discretion:
    • to protect the integrity and stability of the Service;
    •  to comply with any applicable laws, government rules or requirements, requests of law 
enforcement, or in compliance with any dispute resolution policies or process;
    •  to avoid any liability, civil or criminal, on the Registry’s part, as well as our affiliates, 
subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees and subcontractors;
    •  to ensure compliance with the Registry policies;
    •  for the non-payment of any fees; or
    •  to correct mistakes made by the Registry Operator, or any Registrar, or any of its service providers in 
connection with an Application or a domain name.
  • to indemnify and keep the Registry Operator (including employees, agents and subcontractors) fully indemnified from and against all suits, actions, claims, demands, losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses that may be made or brought against or suffered or incurred by the Registry arising out of or in connection in any way with a breach of any policy or agreement with the Registry Operator.
Changes and Updated to this Policy

This document is subject to changes and or updates from time to time as the Registry Operator sees fit.  Any and all changes or updates to this policy will be in effect at the time they are published on the Registry Web Site.  This policy has been prepared in in the English language; however, it may be translated in Japanese or other languages the Registry sees fit.  In the event of any inconsistency, the English language version shall apply.