Landrush and Claims Registration Policy


Interlink Co., Ltd., (“Registry”) will offer a Landrush period in which any interested party will be permitted to submit one or more applications to purchase high value domains. Only domain names that remain available after Sunrise and have not been reserved or otherwise restricted will be available for this launch period.

Landrush Period

The Registry will offer a Landrush Period, which will be made available to any eligible Applicant and will last for a minimum of twenty (20) days. Only domain names that have not been reserved or restricted previously will be available for this launch period. Applications in the landrush period will be accepted throughout the period and will be considered as accepted at the same time.

Notice and Duration

The Landrush Period will last for a minimum of twenty (20) days. The Registry Operator reserves the right to extend the Landrush Period and/or Claims Period duration if appropriate. In the event of an extension, the Registry will post such notice on the Registry website.

Notification and Allocation

At the end of the Landrush Period, the Registry will notify Registrars that sponsored Landrush Application about the status of the submitted applications.

Domain names for applications that do not have any competing applications will be approved and allocated. Applications for domain names having one or more competing applications will be auctioned at a prescribed date and time via the Registry’s authorized Auction Provider, the rules for which will be published on the Registry’s site prior to any auctions taking place.

Unless otherwise stated in this Policy, the Registry Operator, via the Registry’s Technical Service Provider and Auction Provider, will allocate a Domain Name if:

  • • The Domain Name Label meets the requirements set out below;
  • • The Domain Name Label and the information contained in the Registrar’s request meet 
the requirements in the Registrar’s Terms and Conditions;
  • • The Domain Name Label is available; and
  • • The Registrar is in good standing with the Registry.

The term for a domain name allocated as a result of the Landrush period is one (1) year.

Claims Period

In order to meet ICANN’s requirements, Claims Periods will operate at certain stages during our Launch Program for the TLD, namely:

• the full duration of the landrush period.
• and the first 90 days after the commencement of the General Availability Period.

Throughout the time when a Claims Period operates, during the process of making an Application for a domain name, the Applicant will be notified (via a Claims Notice) if the applied for Label is a Trademark Match to a Trademark Record in the Trademark Clearinghouse. Where that Label is allocated, the Trademark Holder with the corresponding Trademark Record will be notified of such by the TMCH Sunrise and Claims Operator.

Policy Last modified: March 14, 2014