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.moe is a short, unique and memorable domain name

What is moe?

The word “moe” (in Japanese: “萌え”; pronounced as “moh-ay”) is a slang word rooted deep in the Japanese Otaku culture. It has often been used to mean a particular type of “adorable” or “cute” towards fictional characters, people, animals, etc.

“Moe” is a very versatile word used to express a deep feeling or passion for something you love. Moe can be used as a noun, a verb, and even an adjective. What’s your moe?

Who’s .moe for?

The .moe domain is a new online identity for everyone! You don’t have to be a “certified otaku” (geek) to register your own .moe.  Anyone can use a .moe to express themselves online. Interested users will need to go through ICANN Accredited Registrars or authorized domain resellers who have been contracted by Interlink to offer .moe domain names. Check out the Registrar List for a list of .moe partners.



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.moe News

Moe Day Celebration

Moe Day…? Is that a real thing? Moe Day – 萌の日 (moe no hi) is a play on the Japanese characters for October 10th. October = 十月 10th (day of the month) = 十日 When written traditionally, from right to left (top to bottom), October 10th looks like this: This…

.moe Landrush Is Over, Now What?

First of all, thanks to all those who participated in the Landrush! For many of you this may have been the very first time you’ve ever purchased a domain — and that is really exciting. We hope we can help you find value in your purchase as we move to…

When should I Apply for my .moe? (Landrush vs General Availability)

This is a question we hear quite often, and rightfully so as registrars around the world are struggling to keep up with the 100s of New Top-Level domains becoming available. We hope the information below helps. First let’s look each registration period: The Landrush Period [2014/6/17 (15:00 UTC) – 2014/7/18…

Why is my .moe Domain Unavailable?

This is a great question. We’ve done our best to make sure that there are loads of great names available in the Landrush Phase. Your name may show as “unavailable” for any of the following reasons: The requested domain name is on the Standard Reserve List The requested domain name…

.moe Sunrise Ending Soon

As part of launching a New Top Level Domain (a new Internet Extension like .moe) we are required to provide brand users with the ability to register their trademarked names before the general public (this period is called a Sunrise). With only one week remaining in the Sunrise phase, we’re…